Concealed Carry Training

the internal reaction would change it to radioactive isotope cobalt-60 and the fallout would be fatal

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Thanks again Brad, And thanks for the glasses, could always use a spair pair

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I also want him to go for NRA certified firearms safety training course before owning any gun for himself

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I used to feed it thru my G27 and what a bitch to clean the barrel


Concealed Carry Training

Tactical Handgun Training

Shotgun Training

Training for Guns

10$ / 500$

Riffle Training

Passports ID all could be made in prison along with contact persons
400$ / 700$

Hangun FAQs

The actual barrel itself is very small on that gun to me
400$ / 1000$

Riffle Training

can handle his own gun so he takes the ones away that need it
400$ / 700$

Concealed Carry Training

Although my SKS has been gone for a few years, I tried many different mags while I had it

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